Natalie is the qualified choice for District 4 Humboldt County Supervisor.




Natalie has served two terms on the Eureka City Council, led 
regional government organizations, and partnered with public agencies on large infrastructure projects for 15+ years. Through this work, she knows who to talk to and what can be done to make change!



As an experienced planner, Natalie has a robust knowledge about municipal infrastructure, land use, environmental regulations and conservation approaches, and transportation planning. She has also studied economics and social science, and worked on many economic development projects in the community. Natalie has worked as a community organizer, using strong interpersonal skills to understand challenges, identify solutions, and ensure accountability. 



Natalie is a proud military veteran. She has demonstrated discipline, fortitude under stress, and  knowledge of maritime regulations and commerce. While her role as County Supervisor will be her full-time job, Natalie will continue to serve her country one weekend per month as a Reserve officer. 


Relationships with Local Leaders

Natalie is proud to have established strong working relationships with fellow elected officials, Tribal leaders, non-profit community groups, and businesses throughout the region. She has an excellent network to call on to get things done, which is critical in Humboldt County. Natalie is a proud Latinx leader who is connected to leaders of color throughout the region - she knows this is critical to ensure that more voices are heard in public process and great role models are lifted up.  



Natalie understands the role of leaders in large organizations, and is capable of setting strategic direction, big goals, and government policies without micromanaging individual workers or expending all her energy on small steps in the process. She knows that it's critical for our local leaders to remain focused on the big picture. 

Community Pride

in Action

Natalie is incredibly proud to live, work and play in Humboldt County. She is a huge advocate for Eureka and the communities surrounding Humboldt Bay, which make up the economic, social and cultural hub of our region. Natalie is dedicated to improving quality of life and supporting community attributes that make life here so unique. She is directly engaged in the local sports community, the arts, and big local events that highlight the special character of Humboldt County.