Wind Turbines on Water


"I am experienced in working in government, I know how to get things done, and I bring a love for living on Humboldt Bay and the community I serve. We need creative thinking and a willingness to take bold steps. I look forward to working with you to address our greatest challenges while continuing to uphold the culture, beauty, and ingenuity that makes Humboldt County such an incredible place to live!"
Economic growth that builds on our strengths 
I am excited to lead our county in embracing new opportunities in energy and food production, education, and growing our own future local leaders. We have great opportunities to grow our local economy in ways that build on our existing strengths.
Good governance 
We need to build a Humboldt government where morale is high, processes make sense, residents feel confident, and there are strong relationships with local Tribes, Cities, and our many public and private partners. I am committed to creating good governance in our local communities.
Transportation Safety 
As a region, we must assertively address the dangers of our most heavily-used roadways. I am committed to improving our roads and trails in ways that support pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and ADA needs.
Relationship Building
I have strong and productive working relationships with staff and decision makers within local, state and federal agencies and institutions in our community, which I can leverage to find solutions. Our region needs creative and collaborative partnerships, and we need to have a strong connection between the County of Humboldt, City of Eureka, and decision makers at every level of government. I have worked hard to build these relationships, and I will use them to benefit our community!
Environmental Stewardship
Our natural resources are an incredible asset, and I am committed to protecting our environment and our quality of life. My breadth of experience in practical resource management means I will understand the complexities of environmental regulation along with potential impacts as our County grows and changes. I am committed to actions that reduce greenhouse gases and increase our resilience to climate change.
Housing for our community
We are faced with housing challenges that are beyond what we have housing stock to meet. I am committed to addressing the need for supportive housing, where people who need constant care and access to case management can live safely. I also believe we need to incentivize creation of housing for all income levels, with a special focus on people who have very limited access to housing now.
Small Business Support
I'm proud to have great connections to our small business community, and in particular, a new and budding generation of small business owners in the Humboldt Bay area. I have worked closely with business districts to achieve their goals, and look forward to new economic development as well as solidifying the support for existing small businesses, which employ so many of our community members.
Innovative and decisive leadership  
I have a willingness to make bold decisions and try new techniques that are data-informed, while fine-tuning what is working well. I believe these qualities will help me lead our County with confidence.